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Produkcja lekkich konstrukcji stalowych Produkcja kontenerów stalowych
Produkcja lekkich konstrukcji stalowych w firmie Metalic Produkcja elementów stalowych
Produkcja konstrukcji stalowych Spawanie konstrukcji


Praca z elementami stalowymi

Our primary type of operation is the production of logistic equipment for storage and transport such as metal containers for car parts, other items, building materials, assembly line equipment, tripods for hardware, containers, stands, steel hardware etc. Our company has a wide range of products in this line of work and the experience.

The containers, made of a wide range of profiles and sections, can be solid as well as folding. They can be spray painted, hot-dip zinc coated , galvanised, equipped with plastic elements, welded nettings, wheels, wooden elements all depending on customer's wishes. They are designed for storing various goods inside as well as for transport. They can be crane-lifted, forklift carried or moved by assembly line's robots.

The company is opened for cooperation in accordance with our profile and capabilities or customers’ wishes and designs not only in terms of containers but also other light steel constructions.